Make her employable in just three months!

For the third time, we are getting Lifedream skills to town. You can now pitch in to teach the youth who badly need intervention to get a leg up and become employable slowly redeeming their self esteem as well in that process. You already saw Christina’s story.

The ideal candidate is someone between 18 and 28, female. In some cases we can take 17.5 years or 30. The minimum education is 8th standard pass/fail, but we can have graduates also – depending on their ‘level’ they benefit, as the course is designed that way.

This is targeted towards poor students who cannot afford a standard spoken English or Computer course. In most houses there are disillusioned dropouts who need some convincing to attend a full-day class. Many will be working and there is an ‘opportunity cost’ involved in attending this course.

Our experience is that we should not encourage someone (say a garment factory worker) to leave the job and join this, as they tend to dropout anyways. Mobilising is not easy and many drop out in first few weeks, till the ‘teacher-student bond’ the emotional contract is achieved.

Around 90-95 % of our students are women. We prefer it that way as once employed the money reaches home Smile However we need some boys too, as once students start working, they need to work with male colleagues. Contact Safina at 9986261577 or, or Tharun at 9483501559.

Would you like to share your experiences with youth who need motivation? Volunteers please!

Varthur Bridge is fine

Quoting from the report: “The existing Varthur Bridge, as it stands, is free from major distress … ”although” … appropriate restoration measures… ”are needed”… to render the distressed regions normal and serviceable. Click here for details.

NEW! ITPL Railway station

When many citizens support those who want to make a difference, magic happens. Citizens for a Better Bengaluru and Praja have been pushing hard for commuter rail as a mode of transport for Whitefield. They secure their first win! A station behind ITPL. You helped by signing this petition!

Ban plastic bags

You can see that petitions work when dedicated citizens follow up persistently. That’s how the ITPL station has come about! Now please sign this and help us enforce the ban on plastic bags! Click here!
For added incentive, know this: 50-70kgs of plastic bags are found inside cows that are in urban areas, as they feed at garbage dumps. These are already banned, but just not enforced.

We continue to rock with:

  • Waste Management! More and more communities and events are going zero-waste. Write to to ask us how.
  • 255 and counting. That’s how many Whitefielders have been trained to provide CPR. Paula and Ritu continue to rock. To schedule one (free) at your location, write to
  • Chakra buses are working. Some hiccups for sure with frequency but they remain in demand.

Protest on Feb 7th:

Our first-ever organised peaceful protest to get our voices heard is scheduled for February 7th. The ban on trucks was revoked and we are suffering terribly. We ask for an exception to reinstate the ban for long distance trucks in Whitefield alone, since there are alternative routes for them! Stay tuned for more information coming your way.

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