We are here to save you!

That was a typo. We are not here to save you!

1st anniversary

We are only saving ourselves. As you see, the hot air balloons have lifted off ;). Seriously, more balloons are rising, just hop on. As we celebrate one year since the day 50 of us first gathered, we have no time to reminisce. We are infact shocked to get a call from Namma Bengaluru Awards that we are a finalist. They had 71,000 entries. (Yeah all those zeroes are there). We are not even sure we should be compared with or win against others that are all doing good stuff. But we have already won the hearts of our people given this nomination was anonymous!

Artwork: Ambika Sen

But she can save you

CPR a skill for life

Last month, we reported that we lost a life to heart attack. Through that was born an effort to provide people the opportunity to learn a life saving technique in case they encounter a similar situation. CPR. Well, the instructor herself had the opportunity to save a life today. A driver suddenly had chest pains while driving. Luckily the community manager who quickly arrived on the scene had the presence of mind to notify the CPR instructor who lived nearby. She came, she applied her technique and accompanied the patient to the hospital where he is recovering. In the meanwhile, a volunteer like you and me has decided to investigate why the ambulance (108) did not arrive even 20 mins later. I think we are looking very empowered folks! To learn more about the course, please read this and write to medical@whitefieldrising.org

Some people make us laugh

garbage to garden

Have you seen this George Carlin video? Venky from Tzed shared it with us and we agree with George Carlin. The planet does not need saving! We do! So save yourselves and watch this video where after you get over the shock of being called names by this cute little dumpster, you realize how easy it is to do what he asks! And once you are convinced, write to segregate@whitefieldrising.org so you dont get left out. (Language advisory on the George Carlin video please)

The circle of Inspiration


When we started Whitefield Rising, we did not know “The Ugly Indian”. And when we found them, we couldn’t have been more inspired. They taught us what it is to be “empowered” and we haven’t looked back since. But in turn, they tell us that Whitefield Rising inspires them! Whats more, many many Risings have now started up across the city. We hope they will grow and do big things and one day soon we will learn new stuff from them. But till then, its our best compliment!

Upcoming Events

March 22: Spot Fix, Prestige Lake Vista
March 23: Spot Fix Regents Place
March 28: Spot Fix with Repeat CSR Customer Capital One at Vaswani Pinnacles
April 5: A rocking rocking Water Event in readiness for the Summer. Stay tuned. Very tuned.
April 17: You know whats happening on this day don’t you? You are in town right?

Finally some notes
1) The RSBY submisksions are with the Central Government. Our local State Government is repeatedly polled by our volunteers and are currently met with the same answer. So please be patient.
2) You registered to vote at one of our drives and now want to know what is going on and where your card is. You DO NOT need your card to vote. Just check if you are on the voter list. Write to vote@whitefieldrising.org to clarify your questions.
4) You did get natural holi colors didnt you?

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