Rise for little Deepan

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm: Henrik Ibsen

Here’s proof that the good folks of Whitefield are ever ready to take the helm. 

There are several children in the Whitefield area who require help. Help raise money for young Deepan, who needs funds to support his medical treatment. Read how the community came together to ensure two young boys could pursue their studies. Also see how far the road work in Whitefield has progressed and by when you can expect completion. Finally, with BBMP elections around the corner,  do ensure that you register to vote. 

Rise for little Deepan

This little 5 year old has hemophilia, a relatively rare disorder, but one that is rather well-known. His father works as a car washer in the area and cannot afford the cost of the subsidised bi-weekly injections that amount to a staggering Rs 44,000 every month. Given that the treatment needs to happen for one year, Ilayaraja the dad has nowhere to go, but seek community support. And that’s where we all come in. Instamojo, Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor and Whitefield Rising join hands to bring technology, people and a cause together. You can donate as little as Rs 100 online. Every paise goes towards his care as all overhead processing charges have been waived: https://www.instamojo.com/RBITC/help-master-deepan-with-his-injections

Ack: Shakespeare Dasarathan, Shanthi Chandola, Sanjay Swamy

Power of the common (wo)man?

And now to the case of young Yogesh and Pavan. 

Yogesh had to drop out of school as the family money was going towards father’s medical treatment. Pavan, was in a similar situation and was himself suspected of having a hole in the heart. 

Read on to find out how the community stepped forward to help. Once again Instamojo, Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor rise to the occasion. 

Ack: Sirisha Alluri, Sanjay Swamy, Ritu George

LifeDream weaving its magic

The latest batch of LifeDream program for school dropouts at AECS Layout Kundalahalli wrapped up in May. 20 students were transformed, thanks to stellar volunteers and have found jobs! Read more about it here.

The next batch is now open for immediate enrollment. Once again, EVOMA throws open its doors to host the next batch of students.

Ack: Tharun Kumar, Dolly, Pravir B

Where are we with road infra?

Visual: Karthikeyan

This is a question on everyone’s mind. The hot topic of discussion among Whitefielders and otherwise.You may well be thinking the road digging is looking at an infinite time frame. There is hope in sight, if we can go by this attached report.

Ack: Anu Parekh, Suhas Nerurkar, Arvind Keerthi, RK Misra

The most important ask ever

Please break the vicious cycle and vote. We are racing against the clock to get each and every one of you registered to vote. Here is the scoop on why.

  1. Our locally elected Corporator CAN do a lot. (Do you even know who your corporator is? Don’t worry, many don’t and thats the problem).
  2. The “digitally” savvy crowd, that is you, are currently NOT RELEVANT. Because you are not registered to vote.
  3. This time we are working to ensure candidates are worthy of your vote!
  4. We can do better in Whitefield and at least catch up to city levels of intrastructure. It’s really in your hands now.
  5. This is the least and most we will ever demand of you. Please please register to vote. It’s the ONLY way to change things around here.

Read this for an easy-to-understand way to register and vote.

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