House documents, plastic ban and more, from Whitefield

House documents in order?

Do you have your occupancy certificate in order? This is an important document to have BEFORE you occupy your new dwelling and one that the builder is supposed to get and often doesn’t. Problem is that you wont get a Khata without this. Read on to understand the requirements given by BBMP and be sure to get your OC.

Power of standing together

It was a big day for Kundanahalli Lake recently as BBMP brought down encroachments. This came after repeated efforts by residents who are on a mission to restore the lake to its healthy bio diverse glory. Read more about this historic event here.

Read here about how Corporations are coming forward to rejuvenate Lakes.

Text books and stationery to give away?

Sort out your child’s textbooks, pens, pencils, water bottle, lunch bag and such stuff which are in good usable condition. Separate by item and keep in cloth (yes, we want non plastic) bags. Drop off to Vikas Chandra by May 20th.

Well done TCS

This office canteen that has a strong message about food wastage. Read this news.

Does your company do a good job of being community and environmentally conscious? Do write in at

Government initiative: Plastic ban

While, we continue various dialogues with the Government in an effort to improve stuff that well only the Government can improve, here is a program from them that is truly applause worthy and has come about after years of lobbying by active citizen groups such as SWMRT. PLEASE give up disposable plastic. They are now BANNED. Come on, take your shopping bags with you when you shop. Confused about the ban or have some other waste related question? Write to

Government dependency

An idea of what we are awaiting from the government. For like a while…

▪ Varthur Lake Rejuvenation: 1.5 years of sustained dialogue with the Government agencies. Slow and steady progress but not nearly there yet.
▪ Waste Management : Awaiting startup of local Biogas plant and other centers to process our waste. Like forever.
▪ Suburban Rail: Awaiting incremental improvements on improving our ability to use the trains from the Whitefield area so as to be less dependent on the roads.
▪ Signal Free Corridor: Patiently awaiting the completion of this project including the fixing of the dreaded raised manhole covers
▪ BMTC Buses not stopping at Bus Stops thus jamming intersections. Claim Private transporters jump the queue and stop ahead to grab the passengers thus affecting BMTC revenue. Private Transporters, many illegal not being taken to task by RTO. BMTC has a long list of complaints lodged with the RTO. The public suffers.

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