Bus day, new bus shelters and more!

Whitefield hits jackpot this Bus Day

A new day will dawn in Whitefield on Monday, January 12th, 2015. It is likely to go down in history as a red letter day when it comes to mobility in Whitefield area. BMTC has offered Whitefield these gifts:

  • Intra Whitefield Mini buses are being introduced reducing the need to take personal vehicles.
  • Improved connectivity to other parts of Bangalore from Whitefield

Wait, there is more. Click here to get complete details on any question you might have. Especially if you are new to using buses in the area.

This has come about after months of interaction among Whitefield Rising (WR) volunteers and BMTC officials. Citizen inputs via detailed surveys including the one we sent out a few weeks ago to which we got a massive response are key to this change. We thank the BMTC team and MD Ekroop Caur as well as certain special volunteers from the WR mobility team.

However, now it is in people’s hands to keep this alive. If the trips are financially viable with good number of commuters BMTC will continue the services.

Ascendas rocks

Two lovely bus shelters shall be inaugurated tomorrow outside ITPL. But the applause is for their spirit in this engagement. They had no need to engage with our requests, no need to persist with permissions with all the government agencies. It wasn’t even the standard CSR. But they wanted to do it for the many employees that they could see were affected. We and the numerous people that will benefit from this congratulate you Mr Shekar, KT, Aloysius, Uday and Thrinath from Ascendas. The shelter will be inaugurated tomorrow at 11 am by BMTC MD Ms Ekroop Caur.

PS: Did you notice? There are no Volvo buses parked on ITPL road anymore. That effort has been thanks to a WR volunteer and the support of BMTC Management.

This is a newsletter sent by Whitefield Rising community, and republished here with permission.

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  1. Creating noise always disturbs these peace loving corrupt departments. They rush to put out the fire before people get to the bottom of things and hence appeasement of the vocal minority is always their solution. In doing so, BMTC will take resources from other areas and make Whitefield a ‘model’ bus city, as they have already done for a few industries and government organizations to serve their vested interests at the expense of the general public. (Volvos, peak hour service, contract buses – all at taxpayers expense).

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