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Community Awareness and Outreach

March was the month of many firsts for Bembala. Bembala’s community outreach initiative “Bol Sakhi” organized its first event with nearly 30 Pournakarmikas (street sweepers) and an awareness talk with the parents at the Samriddhi Trust Bridge School. We also had our first pop up at Indus International School -Bangalore (IISB)

Bol Sakhi was a heartwarming gathering where the volunteer survivors shared their own stories, which highlighted different forms of abuse creating awareness. This forged a connect that women’s experiences of violence cuts across all socio-economic barriers and encouraged the ladies to empathize and share their thoughts on abuse more openly.

The objective of the awareness talk at Samriddhi Trust Bridge School was to discuss gender equality when raising their children and effects of domestic violence on family life. The parents of Samriddhi Trust Bridge School had a great interaction with our volunteers and they were glad to have support to help them improve keeping their families happy. We are looking forward for the Debate competition on May 10th 2019, at Samriddhi Trust Bridge School.

Bembala at IISB: The purpose of the Bembala info booth at IISB was to create awareness among communities about Bembala’s services as well as volunteering opportunities with us. We would like to thank the Indus Early Learning Center- Whitefield, for giving us the opportunity to be at IISB. We had a great turn out of parents, who were in alignment with Bembala’s objective of moving towards a community with zero-tolerance to violence and safety for all.

We are thankful to the community for their ongoing support and giving their gift of  time to Bembala.

If you would like us to host Bol Sakhi or an awareness program in your community or organization, please do email us at

Say NO to Abuse – A Survivor’s story here

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Upcoming Events :

10.04.2019 – Bol Sakhi with Prestige Shantiniketan Horticulture team.

27.04.2019 – Open House from 10:00am -12:00pm

Open House :

To know more about Bembala and to learn about volunteering opportunities, please join us for our Open day on April 20th 2019 at 10:00 am. TO RSVP: email us at

Do watch out for our next month’s Newsletter for some exciting activities and update on our Instagram account along with live event details.

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