An ode to our global roads

Pic: Sheeja Cassius


Potholes – I got you under my skin!!

When you are tired of sobbing, you sing!

The worst pothole on varthur gunjur stretch had me

and my pillion in. Ironically we were on our way to collect an IGCSE report card (International)!

To save the road of an empty fuel guzzler and wasted carbon footprint, I stick to a mobike when we are two…

I trailed behind a couple cars… Maybe three feet away?

But that wasn’t enough to steer me away

from this nasty one as I swerved to avoid and skid straight in.

The helmet saved my head and the pillion jumped off, as we weren’t fast.

The shoulders I feel them still.

The enforcements and ministry can well keep the 2k collection for beacons and fleet..

Cos that ain’t the price of my head, not of a lost man’s life!

Now- to bike it or car it! Is a lose lose dilemma!!

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