Eye opener for tree lovers

While most of us voice visible concern when trees are cut indiscriminately, what are we doing about trees crying out for help, as a result of sheer neglect and apathy ?

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Just look at these pictures*. The next time we have strong winds in the city or heavy rains, some of these trees will just snap horizontal and keel over.

So let’s not go overboard only about trees being cut. Let’s look around for trees that have their days numbered. I don’t know if official machinery can kick in here, but I’m sure we can look around in our own neighborhoods to see what we can do.

I guess you need to start a people’s initiative here and gather momentum. Start small, start in all earnest.

Just start with one tree.

* Don’t miss the pictures with nail-spiked posters and the tree
being used as a prop for a bar-bending rig


























































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  1. I have managed to save several trees such as these in the area where I live; you are right, we just have to make a start with a few trees.

    Good post Sharath!

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