Let’s make the city beautiful…


This is one of the main entry points to where I live
near Richards Town. It’s a small residential layout, off
Lazar Road. This view is nice and flattering – peaceful,
green, orderly – to show what a nice looking community
this could be.


Here’s a view from the other end of the road, where one
vacant site has been used as a dumping ground for years.
What typically happens to any site where the owner could
be stationed elsewhere and doesn’t really make an

At this location, the build-up is close to nine feet from
road level. A lot of it is building debris from nearby demolitions
and construction work. If you’re re-doing your bathroom for
instance, and want to get rid of a stinky, old, blue commode,
wait until dark and do a quick heave-ho. As simple as that.

The neighborhood has no complaints – it’s a convenient
dumping ground. But the people who live "next door" have
a really rough time. In addition to an eye-sore, they have
to survive the stench emanating from rotting food remnants
and an easy access "public loo" that the site has also become.

If you’re living outside of Bangalore and own a site in the city,
take a another look at the second picture. A good example of
what could greet you if you pay a surprise visit one of these days.

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