Minimize cars, Maximize health

Annually, many countries observe International Car Free Day on 22nd September to encourage people to leave their cars or reduce their use. Since 2011, ESAF, a city based non-profit that works on making Bangalore more inclusive, has been reminding Bangaloreans to lower or eliminate dependence on cars. As per Senior Programme Officer Manju George, the campaign which started on September 21st this year, will last until the 30th. This is being done through flyers, posters and discussions in offices, residential neighbourhoods, street corners, eateries, stores, colleges, et al. The message is to consider walking, cycling, taking public transport or at least car pooling to improve the health of an individual and the environment.

* Almost 2 million people die prematurely from illness due to air pollution from household solid fuel use.
* Nearly 50% of pneumonia deaths happen among children under five due to particulate matter inhaled from pollution.
* Over 1 milion people die every year from Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease (COPD) due to exposure to pollution.
* Men and women both are 2-3 times more likely to develp COPD due to exposure to heavy smoke.
* Transport- related emissions are expected to increase by 57% worldwide between 2005 and 2030 (United Nations Environment Programme)
* To bring climate change under control, carbon dioxide emissions must be brought down to 70% globally!
* Driving 10 percent less can decrese green house gas emissions by 0.2 to 0.8 tonnes per year!

Should we not try a smart and safe commute?

#: As per UN agencies

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