Freedom – what’s that?

"Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose", said someone. But, for many people who often lose the little that they have, freedom is another wor(l)d. And that wor(l)d did not appear on 15th August 1947 or later for the majority who live in India at present. In fact, such a wor(l)d may never exist at all for this majority. So, sometime in mid 2007 some of us in Bangalore and other parts of the country decided that we should support and celebrate ongoing struggles for freedom. From that emerged the idea of a Civil Society Summit (CSS) – a gathering of individuals and groups who strive for freedom in their own way.

Those of us who have always been stirred by the beliefs and actions of enriched and energized our minds and hearts through a CSS each in August 2007 and January 2010. And we will be doing that again from 15th to 17th November 2012 at Bangalore’s Indian Social Institute. We hope you will join us to express yourselves through words, signs, songs, dance, films, symbols, art, drama, poetry, food or any manner you would like to.

For more on CSS 2012, read this

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Pushpa Achanta is a writer who enjoys volunteering, photography and poetry.