“Car Aside, Walk Beside”

An interesting way to urge four-wheeler users to burn more calories and less fuel. And of course reduce emissions, traffic, noise et al. Evangelical Social Action Forum, a Bangalore based NGO in association with Healthbridge Foundation of Canada launched their annual campaign to urge car passengers to rest their vehicles for a day at least. Between22nd September (International Car Free Day) and 4th October, 2012, the organizations are having awareness and signature campaigns at different colleges, private firms, malls, apartment complexes, bookstores and other places in Bangalore to approach those who travel by car to consider going by public transport instead.

"Campaigns like this will promote alternate forms of transportation, active lifestyles, safe environment for pedestrains especially children & elderly, less pollution, save on money & fuel and encourages us to be in a healthy environment. We expect to reach nearly one lakh people. These initiatives will encourage the government to provide better access to public transportation especially the last mile connectivity.", says a press release from the NGO’s.

To know more or support this activity contact Manju George at 9731445795 or manjuesaf@gmail.com

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