PuRa forever?

We wanted a home mate
But could not confine
dogs, birds or fish
to the indoors

So we consoled ourselves
Observing neigbours’ pets
Watching stray creatures
And recalling childhood companions
Until Ms. Columbidae came visiting

We chased her away
And wanted to ‘grill’ her out
But she returned


Built her nest
Laid two eggs
Warmed them well
Hatched the squabs
Who pecked at her crop
And chirped, jumped and pooped

As they grew
Mr. Dove helped too
And one fine day
Away they flew
All within a month


She’s back in our balcony
Or is she someone else?
Hey, there are more outside
We have been pigeon-holed!

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Pushpa Achanta is a writer who enjoys volunteering, photography and poetry.