At Vangpui Kut 2010

On Gandhi Jayanti, as I was walking past the United Theological College (UTC) on Millers Road, I was delighted to see a banner regarding its centenary celebrations still displayed. Although I was aware that this renowned institution turned a hundred in July 2010, I was unable to participate in any of the relevant events. Curious to know what was on that afternoon, I entered the green and serene campus. The helpful security guard and a staff member directed me to the large group of Mizo youth (our siblings from the state of Mizoram) chatting and playing merrily.

Learning that there was an event beginning in an hour and that one of my friends, Dr. Rini Ralte (a researcher, powerful writer and UTC’s faculty member) was around, I decided to wait for her. Incidentally, Dr. Ralte’s house is treasure trove of beautiful and interesting Mizo cultural artefacts! As I sat observing the youngsters enjoying themselves, I spotted some elderly people in their lovely and colourful traditional attire. Unable to resist the temptation for a candid shot, I requested them for a quick photo. Not only did they agree immediately, but they graciously invited me to attend their beloved annual autumn festival, Vangpui Kut.

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