It takes a child…

…to question why

she needs permission

to answer nature

…to wonder aloud

why ‘adults’ often

discuss kids’ issues

without consulting them

…to inform ‘leaders’

that their needs

are critical too

…to remind elders

that they maybe

citizens of tomorrow

but are around now!



Inspired by what I saw and heard from and about the young during the Civil Society Summit 2010, a commemoration and re-examination of 60 years of the Indian Republic and its constitution, held in Bangalore from 24th-26th January. 

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Pushpa Achanta is a writer who enjoys volunteering, photography and poetry.

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  1. Beautiful Poem, one that I resonate with. I am a teacher in a primary school, and the first thing that happens whenever I enter a classroom is that at least ten students ask me for permission to go drink water / toilet. Reason? Other teachers refuse permission!

    Some teachers believe that they are jailors and that school is a prison. No wonder all of us have so much educational trauma.

    One of the most attractive and fulfilling chapters of the QMP programme I am into these days, deals with the educational trauma.

    For details, log on to

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