Visvesvaraya, an uncommon man

"Uplands" in High Grounds, Bangalore became the residence of Sir MV after his retirement.  When the owner wanted the bungalow, he shifted to No. 5, Cubbon Road, a small bungalow placed at his disposal by the Mysore Government. . . . Sir MV lived alone in those days except for his cook, his personal assistant, Sadgopalachar, and12 servants. At the instance of Advani and other friends that he should have somebody to look after him in his old age with love and affection, he permitted only M. R. Krishnamurthy, his nephew and his wife to stay with him in "Uplands." It was found that the supply of water at No. 5, Cubbon Road, was inadequate.  One day there was not enough water for Sir MV to take his bath.  He asked his nephew not to complain or bring pressure on the Water Supply Division to make special arrangements for his sake.  The entire city of Bangalore was then suffering from inadequate water supply and he was averse to special arrangements being made for him. "I am now a commoner now like other citizens," he said.

Excerpt from Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya: His Life and Work by VS Narayana Rao. Mysore: Geetha Book House. 1973. Pgs 284-285.

Sep 15th marks the 150th anniversary of Sir M Visvesvaraya.

Shared by Chandan Gowda, Associate Professor, National Law School of India.

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