Bembala – Act Against Violence

Community Awareness and Outreach March was the month of many firsts for Bembala. Bembala’s community outreach initiative “Bol Sakhi” organized its first event with nearly 30 Pournakarmikas (street sweepers) and an awareness talk with the parents

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Safety in numbers?

The adage says, “there’s safety in numbers”. But our Bangalore citizens seem to apply this out of context. Here’s a photo I snapped on Sunday.  I wonder how many more people can ride on that

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Connected Lives

Under the mango tree

I grew up in a house by National Highway 17 in Kozhikode (Kerala) city. My days and nights were filled with sound–a maddening cacophony of cars, trucks, buses and auto rickshaws, people cursing, cussing, swerving.