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Deepa's Jottings

The Aftermath….

When we have a party at home, we take good care to clean up every trace of it afterwards, to return to a spic-and-span home…so why do we not take the same responsibility in our

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Off Beat

Aiyoo Perumale!

…so said a friend, partly in anguish, partly in jest, referring to the Principal Secretary of the Government of Karnataka, Department of Health and Family Welfare, IR Perumal! I happened to witness this gentleman speaking

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Editors' Blog

The viral blame game

The thing about blame is that it usually comes full circle. As incidents of viral fever (Dengue, Chikugunya, etc.), in the city started increasing, we decided to investigate why there was such a widespread spurt

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No entry for garbage

In Cooke Town, you’ll see an unusual way to get the message across, to random dumpers of garbage. Especially those who miss the bus on the morning collection, when carts go down the road to