sis and bro

A sister and brother at pottery town. The sister saw my camera, flashed an absolutely charming smile, caught her brother and forced him to pose. Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕

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A ration(ed) card?

When we were children, the term ration card (or family card) meant something crucial for survival. From our family’s short stint in Mumbai, I recall that it was mandatory for school admissions too. Well, it

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At Vangpui Kut 2010

On Gandhi Jayanti, as I was walking past the United Theological College (UTC) on Millers Road, I was delighted to see a banner regarding its centenary celebrations still displayed. Although I was aware that this

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A haven of harmony

A childhood’s memories Of looking and waiting For something exciting From the grove of coconut trees A busy woodpecker An agile tree climber Two young boys Who made little noise If we missed these We

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A Class Apart…

Have you ever observed or interacted with children from low income families (and sometimes first generation literates) studying in private or government aided English medium schools, in their school or outside? Who are their friends?