Adventures of an eco-nut

A better approach to laundry

In my search to find a method to recycle grey water from the washing machine, I chanced upon an exciting alternative to detergents: Soap Nut (Sapindus Mukorossi, locally called  Ritha or soap kai). Of course,

Adventures of an eco-nut

Conserving rainwater

It’s been a month now and I still can’t stop myself from rushing to the terrace in the morning, after a night of heavy rain. After several months of seeking ways (unsuccessfully!) to harvest rainwater

Dashing through the streets

A Day at KSCA

It’s a whole different experience to watch India’s most popular game at the stadium. The crowd, the buzz, watching players warm up, huge shouts as Tendulkar walks in, boos when there is a war of

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Campus Diem

I swear

"The problem", remarked a friend wistfully as we stood up amidst stifled murmurs and blasé one-liners, "is that they think we’re really stupid and we think just the same about them." I looked at her