PNLIT loses an invaluable patron

It was with very deep sorrow that we heard the news of the demise of eminent bird watcher, long time Secretary of the Bombay Natural History Society, Padmashri Zafar Futehally last Sunday, 11th Aug., at Kihim, Maharashtra. 

He had supported PNLIT at every step and we turned to him constantly for advice which he gave so readily. He had visited the lake in early 2012 with his wife Mrs. Laeeq, ardent nature lover and writer. When he heard about the presence of the migratory Garganey Ducks at our lake, he came to see them, binoculars slung from his neck. He later brought his granddaughter to show her around the lake.
Zafar Futehally at Puttenahalli Lake, Jan 2012 (Pics: Sujesh S.)
Mr. and Mrs. Futehally shifted residence to Kihim in Maharashtra on March 31 but continued to take keen interest in our work at Puttenahalli Lake as evident in one of his last messages to me sent on June 23. 
From: Zafar Futehally 

Date: 23 June 2013 22:02
Subject: Puttenhalli
To: usha rajagopalan 

At your convenience tell me about the progress of the lake. The rains must have made you happy. I hope the flock of Garganeys will show up in September.

We have a small lilly pond in our garden and a little Kingfisher sits watching the situation from a nearby guava tree, and at the right time swoops down over the pond and returns happily with a fish in its beak.
Hope to hear from you.  Zafar and Laeeq


We will miss you, Zafar Sa’ab. R.I.P. 
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The author is a trustee of PNLIT.

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  1. It’s not just one lake in Bangalore, but many lakes…and so many initiatives of conservation…have lost their champion. I join you in your salute, Usha.

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