Woman’s ingenuity at Puttenahalli Lake

We at PNLIT feel blessed and privileged to get an opportunity to see the revival of a lake at such close quarters. We cherish the experience and want to share it with everybody. After all, how many people get such a fantastic opportunity to save a lake?  

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Yesterday morning the workers began laying the pipes to complete the diversion channel. Using a JCB to dig the trenches and a crane to lift the 45 in dia pipe and keep it in place in the trench was quite a sight! 

By late afternoon, the sky darkened. Out of 18 pipes only three were left. It began to rain and then eased into a drizzle. The machine operators, dry in their cabins, called out to the workers to resume but the men didn’t budge. We were worried that the work would get postponed to the next day and called the contractor. He was stuck in traffic. 

Just then a woman came briskly along the walking track. Her sari was tucked firmly at her waist and she held it up from the muddy ground. On her head was a white plastic bag keeping the rain away. Not looking at the workers or the trench, she picked her way quickly but carefully over the piles of soil, past the monster machines and went her way.  

The next thing we knew, the workers, all male, asked our gardener Kumar for plastic bags which they tied around their heads and began to work once again!

On Women’s Day, we salute this unknown woman’s ingenuity. Thanks to her, all the 18 pipes were laid yesterday and the JCB is levelling the ground today morning!

You can do your bit for Puttenahalli Lake! Join us this weekend (see previous post).

Pics: Usha Rajagopalan

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