A bit of gardening, a bit of fun

Here’s an invitation to you to join us with your children at Puttenahalli Lake Near MLR Convention Hall, Brigade Millennium from 9 am to 11 am tomorrow and on Sunday for gardening. Mix a little bit of work with lots of fun watching birds (the latest visitor is a white breasted kingfisher), spotting fishes (there are at least three varieties in the lake).

Open your eyes and your child’s to the treasures of nature!

Hoping to see you tomorrow at the lake! Don’t forget to bring a cap, water bottle, some gardening tool if you have any and gloves if you want and yes, don’t forget your camera! 

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The author is a trustee of PNLIT.


  1. Aug 13-14-15 – In view of the three day weekend, we are not organizing the weekend gardening session at the lake. However, all enthusiasts are most welcome to work on their own at their convenience.

    We have hired another gardener and fired the inefficient security guard. At present, we cannot afford to hire a supervisor to ensure that both gardeners stick to their timings and do their assigned chores well. Therefore, we want to form a panel of volunteer supervisors to go to the lake once a day at any time convenient to them for about an hour and supervise the gardeners and generally keep an eye on the place. And yes, they can use the time to go for a walk around the lake, watch the birds and take photographs as well.
    Would you like to be in this team? We hope you will say yes! If so, would you please indicate an hour from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. that is best convenient to you? If you can spare more than an hour, wow!

    Have a great weekend. Independence Day greetings to all.

  2. Do something different this weekend with your family – a little gardening at Puttenahalli Lake!
    When: Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th Aug 2011, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
    Bring: garden tools if you have, a pair of gloves, cap, drinking water and camera to capture that unexpected photo op!

  3. Last Saturday saw so many adult and child volunteers at the Puttenahalli lake that they spread from the gazebo to near the viewing deck. It began with the early birds starting from 6 a.m.! Despite the soil hardened by dry weather making deweeding a little difficult, the volunteers put their heart and soul into the work. They were amply rewarded with the presence of many new birds. We saw a white breasted kingfisher, brahminy kite, regular kite, a pair of ducks, purple heron (four flew above the lake together). Also a snake that crossed our track!
    Sunday saw a fewer number of volunteers but their enthusiasm was in no way less! This initiative has another positive side – we get to make new friends in Brigade Millennium, Oak Tree Place, Elita and quite a few of the residential complexes in the area.
    Here’s what one enthusiast had to say about his experience as a weekend gardener at Puttenahalli Lake,
    “We were all inspired and happy to do our bit on both Saturday and Sunday, saw a lot of people having fun and getting their hands dirty.
    It was a great feeling for me and took me back to days when we had a yard to tend – living in an apartment robs our kids the opportunity to work in gardens and get a real feel for nature!
    And last but not least, this is simply great exercise! I haven’t sweated like this in a long time!
    Oh yes – lest I forget – we also sighted some rare birds – they seem to be coming back already!”
    You are most welcome to join in the fun and work this weekend (30-31 Jul 2011)at Puttenahalli Lake. As before – 9 to 11 a.m., water bottle, gloves, cap and camera. And bring your children along! Thanks to the intermittent rain this week, the soil will give up weeds more easily!

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