Naariyal Paani at Ranga Shankara

Recently staged at the JP Nagar-based Ranga Shankara, Naariyal Paani is a production of the group Our Theatre. Directed by Sandeep Shikhar, the play is basically like a monologue where the character narrates his love story to the audience. He is interrupted by two characters – a tabla player and a guitarist. The tabla player, enacted by Santosh Satavailli, represents the protagonist’s physical presence. The guitarist, on the other hand, represents the rest of the universe. Vivek Vijayakumaran plays the protagonist. His constant rubbing-hand-against-thigh act was fun to watch. For me, however, it was guitarist Anupam Roy who stole the show. His voice, voice modulation, stage presence – full marks to him! The music was an absolute treat.

Here are some take-aways from the show.

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  1. Hey srikanth, Do come and watch the play next time. Your doubt will be cleared. 🙂

  2. Wonder why they kept ‘Naariyal Paani’ as the title. sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing about it.

  3. Thanks for covering the event! The pics are fantastic! You would have got better shots if you had taken a seat in the centre at RS. Try that next time!

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