A visit to the Government Aquarium

I expected muddy water, unclean tanks and an unkempt environment. But a recent visit to the Government Aquarium on Kasturba Road, proved me wrong. Even though the Aquarium could do with a few more features, possibly to attract marine enthusiasts, I was pleasantly surprised. Especially after my last visit, many many years ago.

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Vaishnavi Vittal is a Bangalore-based journalist.


  1. Excellent photographs and looks good enough for others to plan and visit. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Thanks Vaishnavi, have been meaning to take my child there. I had expected worse after my visit some years ago but your take is encouraging. Pity that the government chooses to ignore basic maintenance aspects of attractions like these when they could prove such great source of entertainment and info for children if properly kept.

  3. Thanks for this encouraging and insightful piece. Visiting the aquarium on Aug-15-09, I enjoyed watching some new species and reasonable crowd behaviour but not the poor lighting, labelling and overall maintenance. Discussing the existing issues and improvements required with a few employees revealed inadequate government support as a major reason for its present condition. (The entry fee seems to be the primary source of revenue). One of them also agreed that aquariums in other Indian cities were much better!

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