Gandhi Bhavan in Bangalore

Recently I happened to go to Gandhi Bhavan to cover an event. It was only a couple of months ago that I heard that Bangalore has something called the Gandhi Bhavan but had no idea where it was located. Neither did my father when I asked him how to get there (we all expect dads to know everything, don’t we?).

It’s unfortunate that on Kumarakrupa Road, Chitra Kala Parishad (CKP), Sindhi High School or even the Janata Dal office are the only names that come up but never Gandhi Bhavan which is right next to CKP and opposite Sindhi High School. The building has now been extended to house the Khadi and Village Industries institution.

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  1. Thanks for posting this blog and letting people know on the Gandhi Bhavan. I got to know about this place 2 years back and went around the beautiful campus. I could also meet few of the Gandhian disciples and could get to listen to some of the inspiring talks! I was not even aware of this building till then. Obviously we seldom get to hear on good things!

  2. Vaishnavi, nice seeing you there and thanks for these inspiring and peaceful pictures. Did you notice the Vallabh Niketan (named after Sardar Patel obviously!) adjacent to this building? It’s a serene, green campus which houses some senior citizens and children. I’ll try to trace its history sometime.

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