The saga of the Malleshwaram street light continues…

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A week has gone by since I last wrote and about six days have gone by since I last heard from BBMP. BBMP called me several times last Friday asking me if the work was done — and in spite of numerous assurances — no work has been done. 

The BBMP Sahaaya complaint number is 10506777 and the last SMS communication I received, informing me that the complaint has been ‘assigned’ was on June 23rd. I also have a Malleshwaram Sahaaya complaint number – 2760084. However, in this case, the SMS only says that the complaint has been created. 

It is impossible, as far as I can tell, to check up on the complaints. I’ve tried to do so, but it only allows you to do a serial search and not a random access search for the complaint. 

Pic: The broken street light in question. Pic: Ramesh Sreekantan

A few days ago, out of frustration, I sent another email to the Commissioner (

“In spite of receiving over 10 calls from BBMP asking me if the work has been done — and many of them assuring me that they will personally inspect the site and ensure the work is done — ABSOLUTELY NO work has been done. Meanwhile, this is the condition of the street lights. The local kids play a game – they challenge each other to touch the wires…”

Still no reply and no work. The saga continues…

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