Water divining demo

Water divining is the detection of under ground water without actually digging into the ground. The “diviner” locates water with the help of rules that he/she has inherited or learnt and/ or tools like coconuts, rods, pendulums and the like. Some use the geophysical survey approach, which may sound more scientific than the ancient methods.  

During my childhood, when we were going to dig a well in our house in Richmond Town, my father had called a diviner. I recall how fascinated we were when we saw how, with the help of a gold chain, he identified a couple of spots. The well was dug at one of them, keeping in mind locational convenience. We struck water after less than 10 feet and the well was finally dug to about 25 feet. It is quite possible that we may have found water at other points in the compound as well, but credit to the diviner was justified.

Even today, diviners are in demand, both for open wells and bore wells. The costs of digging are substantial. Rather than wasting money by digging in wrong places, people prefer some sort of endorsement before they start.     

Is water divining a science or art, or is it just luck? Can you learn how to become a diviner, or is it something you are born with? Which is the best way to locate under ground water?

For answers to these questions and to see how water divining is done, please attend the Water Divining Demo, detailed as below. The session will be conducted by Shri Subramaniam Lakshminarayanan, a geologist from Srirangam, Tamilnadu. 

Date: Saturday, 16th Aug 2014
Time: 10:30 a.m. onwards
Place: Narasipura-2 Lake, Vidyaranyapura. 


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