Something to cheer about

We regularly moan about the lost lakes of Bangalore and reminisce about how the city used to be, even as “official” agencies have been identified as major encroachers in the recently released Legislative Assembly Committee report (headed by Koliwadi). While many of the lakes that have been sacrificed to development cannot be got back, an all out effort should save the ones that remain. Like the effort at Munnekolala Lake. 

One of the early posts on this blog in 2013 was about the restoration of Munnekolala Lake, that can be read here. More than two years on, it was a delight to hear from someone who relocated to the lake area, after being away for a few years. Sangeeta Banerjee wrote on Facebook, “Have you ever left a place, and come back to it after years to find it so much more beautiful than you left it?! You would know my feeling this morning around the Munnekolala Lake. Loads of gratitude to the Neighborhood around it.”


Pics: Sangeeta Banerjee 

To know more about Munnekolala Lake and the Munnekolala Lake Trust, visit the facebook page here.  

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