Nurturing the saplings at Narasipura

Just planting tree saplings is not enough. Much care needs to be taken to ensure that the saplings get enough sunshine, water and other nutrients – to give them a fair chance to grow into mature trees.  

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The residents around Narisipura Lake 2, Vidyaranyapura have been consciously attending to the trees that were planted some weeks ago. This Sunday, 10th August 2014, several of them from the Friends of Lakes group got together at the lake, along with experts who eagerly gave advice and lent support as required. 

While one group was busy tending to the plants and fixing drip irrigation bottles, there was another group, mostly young children, who were having a hands-on lesson in bio-diversity. A brain storming session for future activities led to a discussion on the upcoming Ganesha festival and how it can be made eco-friendly. 

Here are some pictures of the morning, shared by Mr Gopala Krishna, one of the active residents from the area.


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