Meeting to save Bellandur Lake 11th October 2015

Bellandur Lake has been frothing again, and in a big way. Read a report here. This time, several people are trying to find a long term solution. An online petition has got more that 15,000 signatures. You can lend your support too, on here.  

The former Panchayath leader of Bellandur, Mr. Jagannath, has called for a citizen’s meeting to discuss concrete steps to save the lake. He has seen the lake when it was thriving and will tell everyone about the history of the lake, the problems, the fight in court some years ago, and the resulting Lok Adalat verdict. He will share his understanding of the reasons for the current state of the lake and thoughts on how citizen support can help in reversing the situation. This is to be an apolitical event where people from all parties and all walks of life are invited with single agenda – how to to save Bellandur Lake.

Priya Ramasubban from MAPAS (lake trust) who shared this information says that all the people who are disturbed by the sad state of the lake will find this to be a useful meeting.  The idea is to get everyone to understand what the core issues are and to then form teams to attack the problem through various methods. Please bring your own bottles of water.    
Please gather outside the Bellandur Temple at 10 a.m. on Sunday 11th October 2015. Please spread the word around. All are welcome. 
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