Jakkur Lake tour – 6th April 2014

The linking of a waste-water treatment plant, a wetland and lake ecosystem could be one method of keeping our lakes full and recharging our aquifers.

Jakkur Lake in north Bangalore is one such live example. Steps that have been taken for its revival have seen positive results, which have been documented in Aajwanthi’s thesis “Towards a water sensitive city: The story of Jakkur Lake” here.

BIOME has planned a visit to Jakkur Lake.
Date: Sunday, 6th April 2014
Time: 9.00 a.m. 
Meeting point: Gate of the Jakkur Wastewater Treatment Plant
(http://wikimapia.org/4129931/Jakkur-Lake-Paradise-for-Birds ) 

The tour includes
– the waste-water treatment plant
– the wetland 
– the lake
– fishing activity near the lake
– open well(s) recharged, thanks to the lake
– birds of the lake.

The tour will take approx 2.5 hours. Wear shoes appropriate for walking 2-3 kms. Please carry water and some fruits/biscuits to eat.

If you would like to attend, please drop an email to 
shubha@biome-solutions.com or zenrainmain@gmail.com.


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