Alahalli Lake gets the MLA’s attention

The Alahalli Lake cleaning event received good support from the neighbourhood, and could not be ignored by the local MLA, M. Krishnappa.
Anand Yadwad, Managing Trustee of the organisers of this event, Alahalli Lake & Neighbourhood Development Trust (ALNDT) provided this first-hand report.   
On Sunday, 25th August morning at 7 am, residents of Alahalli, Anjanapura, Gollahalli, Royal Park Residency and Gurukul School children gathered to clean up Alahalli Lake. The lake which currently falls under BDA is completely ignored by BDA and elected representatives. The residents silently protested against the apathy of the system and took on the task of cleaning the lake themselves. 

Renowned environmentalist and Lok Adalat justice Dr. Yellappa Reddy participated in the event. He educated residents on how to keep lake healthy and gave valuable inputs to maintain the lake pollution free. The residents started cleaning the weedy plants and other bushes grown around the lake. Noteworthy, was the sight of Gurukul School students out on the lake bund in the bristling rain.

Bangalore South MLA M. Krishnappa arrived at the site and promised the residents that he will get the lake cleaned though MLA fund at the earliest. 

At the Alahalli Lake cleaning event (Pics courtesy ANLIT) 


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