The Period Junction: Bengaluru’s first international conference on menstrual health

The large population of girls in India without the knowledge of what menstruation is or how to practice safe hygiene is detrimental to the future well-being of these women. Educating girls on menstrual hygiene not only prevents girls from developing compromising health conditions in the future, but it also lays the groundwork for women to feel empowered. Until and unless a woman is comfortable and proud of her own skin, a girls ability to flourish will be impaired.

Aarogya Seva is hosting the first international conference on menstrual health in Bengaluru, India, called The Period Junction. While large strides have been made in the field of menstrual awareness and education in India due to the commencement of innumerable menstrual health advocacy organisations, it’s become clear the work is being done in independent spheres. Aarogya Seva believes that if individuals in the field have the ability to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with one another, the substance of all of our work will increase in quality.

Date: 7-8 March 2020
Time: 8 am – 5pm
Venue: Veterinary College, Hebbal

Through this conference, the aim is to create the groundwork for the movement to grow stronger as one by uniting the movers and shakers in the menstrual movement to share experiences, research findings, opinions, and initiatives surrounding menstruation. Delegates at the conference will include founders of menstrual health organisations, researchers, lawyers, doctors, volunteers and government representatives who are eager to make sustainable change. The conference will be a launching pad for a larger collaborate community, where the vision of all women positively embracing and experiencing their periods has the chance to come to fruition.

Conference agenda

About the organiser

Aarogya Seva, the global health volunteer alliance, was founded by Dr Dayaprasad Kulkarni and is a not-for-profit, transnational, humanitarian organization aiming to provide Health for All by pioneering micro-volunteering and engaging stakeholders to contribute to making health and healthcare services affordable and accessible through a model of flexibility and shared responsibility.

Aarogya Seva is implementing the Doctor@School Program, a Comprehensive Child Health Program (CCHP) that is working with the schools, local governments, local NGO’s, and medical professionals to screen children at schools, orphanages and institutional homes twice a year. Any health issues that arise between screenings are resolved when a doctor comes once a month. Additionally, school children have the benefit of awareness talks done by non-medical volunteers on pertinent topics such as drugs, sexual violence, and menstrual hygiene. We currently conduct menstrual hygiene workshops for girls in 5th grade+ in 30+ government schools in Bengaluru. The mission of the workshop is to impart an understanding of why and how menstruation occurs, safe hygiene practices, as well as to cultivate a positive attitude in girls towards menstruation through the use of an animation video.

To access a live-streaming of the conference sessions or book tickets, visit here.

[This article is based on a press release from Aarogya Seva, and has been published with minimal edits]

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