Learn upcycling and how to DIY with Repair Café at the Jakkur Kere Utsav 2019

Repair Café Bengaluru is the first Indian member of this worldwide network, and has adapted the Repair Café model to the Indian context. Apart from repairs of common articles of use such as clothes, shoes, bags, toys, appliances, electronics, bicycles, and computers, Repair Café Bengaluru also conducts workshops on repair/up cycling skills. Their current modus operandi is to hold half-day events on weekends among interested groups (such as schools/colleges, NGOs, and resident associations) in different parts of Bengaluru.

Though Repair Café Bengaluru has been able to attract a long list of able repairers and tinkerers, the challenge has always been to attract young adults and children who would be interested in the idea of repair. There are many children who volunteer for Repair Café Bengaluru in a neighborhood called Sanjay Nagar. Here Repair Café Bengaluru collaborates with a government initiative to improve cycling in Bengaluru. The event is called ‘Cycle-Day’. Here cycle repairs and maintenance workshops are being conducted along with children and adults volunteers. The fact that repair café workshops were able to attract children to become volunteers is evidence of its transformative potential.

Date: 1 December, 2019

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

Venue: Jakkur Lake Kalyani (Jakkur Entrance, from Yelahanka side), Yelahanka Hobli

Jalaposhan Citizen Initiative was formed to revive the Jakkur lake and surrounding ecosystem, and ensure citizen participation in managing the lake-related affairs. In this process, Jalaposhan has developed as a strong community nurturing discussions and concrete action on matters not only related to Integrated Water Management but also on ecological diversity, citizen science, art and culture. The annual Jakkur Kere Utsav is a vehicle for organizing focused events around these themes and showcases the year-round efforts.

Given the interest in sustainability and waste reduction among the Jalaposhan community, Repair Café and Jalaposhan have substantial synergy and it is anticipated that conducting Repair Cafés regularly at Jakkur Lake would promote the culture and skills of DIY repairs/up cycling. It is also the hope that community members will be inspired to expand their engagement by becoming a Repair Café volunteer.

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