Before a constable catches you

What is the authoritative answer on what documents are needed if your vehicle is stopped for checking? An RTI application was filed with Bangalore’s police department to find this out.

You might say why need RTI application for this. We all produce our driving licence and vehicle papers if a traffic constable stops us. Many of us ‘negotiate’ the fine amount and pay, or we show our papers and move on.

But do we know if the constable is even asking for correct documents or, more importantly, if he is entitled to check the vehicles and collect a fine? More than two years back, M V K Anil Kumar, an RTI activist and convener of the Bangalore RTI user group Kria Katte, had filed an application to see the rules. The response is informative.

The rules say that you should have a copy of the driving licence, copy of registration certificate, fitness certificate, insurance certificate, tax card and emmission test certificate.


Documents to be produced for vehicle checking
Documents to be produced for vehicle checking

The reply to the application also mentions that vehicle inspections are conducted by Motor Vehicle Department and police officers are empowered to book cases. It also mentions that the police constables or head constables can stop and check the vehicles only in the presence of an officer.

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  1. Kiran,

    The Fitness test is a test done at RTOs for all vehicles. It is required after two years for new vehicles and is to be done every year for others.

    The test involves checking of brakes, emission, headlights etc.

    Enquire at your RTO for more details.
    This newsletter from the Central Pollution Control Board has all the details.

  2. What is a “fitness certificate” and where does one get it? Haven’t heard of such a document before.

  3. RTI activist has done an excellent patrioic job. Once I was caught by a police inspector. Inspite of showing all my documents original he made me wait and got bribe and left me. This is about 15 years ago and I had to pay as I was in a hurry to go for work. Since nowdays cell phones are having camera such things can be recored and bribe takers may be punished.

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