Here’s how 1.5 million litres of pure water a day is produced in Lalbagh

Lalbagh has 240 acres of land, almost at the center of the city. This was started in the year 1760 by Hyder Ali as a private garden of 40 acres which eventually expanded to accommodate approximately 1,854 species of flora including various ornamental plants. Glass house, aquarium, sidewalks, nursery and many other attractions lure the visitors.

The park requires approximately 2.1-2.2 million liters of water daily, hence when there is no rain, artificial watering is a must. This could be problematic too, as the water supply in the city is dwindling. A 20-acre tank, nine bore wells (sparing three non-functional old wells) plus BWSSB water can meet only one-third of the demand.

To meet the remaining two-third of the demand, they have intelligently setup a tertiary sewage treatment plant with extended aeration, inside the park. It traps domestic sewage from surrounding areas to treat, store and use for watering the park.

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Shubha Ramachandran is a Water Sustainability Consultant at BIOME Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.