Renuka School: Using the water from shallow Open Wells

Renuka School is right next to Kaikondrahalli Lake (Off Sarjapura Road). Their deep borewells stopped yielding water quite some time back and they relied on tankers for water. About 2 years back they dug an open well about 15 feet deep, struck water and started using that water for keeping toilets clean. The water was just about sufficient in quantity and not of great quality for washing vessels (mid-day meals). BIOME then implemented a RWH system which also recharges their well. Having seen the potential of the shallow aquifer, they have dug 2 more shallow wells in the past 2 months. This water is of better quality and they are now self sufficient. There are plans to test this water, treat it appropriately and use it for drinking purposes as well. Currently the kids brings drinking water from their homes

Water being pumped out of Well

Pumping water from the new open well


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Shubha Ramachandran is a Water Sustainability Consultant at BIOME Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.