Open well near Devarabeesanahalli Lake is a source of water!

Can Bengaluru work towards getting back to its openwells? This is the story of a community (Adarsh Palm Retreat near Devarabeesanahalli Lake) near a lake that is looking to use an open well as one of its sources of water. Do watch the video

Bengaluru (and other growing cities) are increasingly dependent on groundwater. In current time, borewells, are a very important source of water. Bengaluru now needs to manage its grounwater sustainably. While the city suffers from drying and dying borewells there are also pockets where water tables are shallow. We need to understand this and become stewards of our groundwater. And all of us need to be a part of this. Can we achieve this and in the process can we solve multiple problems of the city – water scarcity, flooding and pollution ? Can the actions of a gated community have a good positive externalities for the city. Can the city leverage private investment for larger public good? When this is coupled with good demand management and waste water management, are we helping the city solve its water prolems. Here is an example of a community that is trying to do just that – shifting from the deeper aquifer (borewells) to the shallow aquifer (open wells). Can the openwell become a metaphor for Bengaluru’s path towards an enlightened water culture?



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Shubha Ramachandran is a Water Sustainability Consultant at BIOME Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.