Voting Day Post Mortem; Kasa Muktha Bellandur Update; Green Bee eaters

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Voting Day – Post mortem

   The dance of democracy hasn’t ended! Election day. 17th April. Many of us went to our polling booths and did our good deed for the day, with a turnout of some 50-65% across the ward. Some of us couldn’t (thanks to voter roll mess ups) and some of us, sadly didn’t.
   The Bellandur forum has been debating on this and active citizens want to understand the reasons – voter apathy is the biggest obstacle when residents associations try to get civic issues fixed – whether we are lobbying for water or for better roads. The invariable reaction is if you folks don’t vote, we can’t prioritise your problems.
   If you did not vote, even though your name was in the rolls, and didn’t have any issue like illness or out of country, do mail us and tell us why ( We may be done voting, but the real work of democracy starts now – with actual participation and systematic involvement. With the local government, with  our corporator (Babu Reddy), with our MLA (Arvind Limbavali) and with our MP (whoever gets elected!). Stay tuned or even better, get involved! Join or

– Meera K

Kasa Muktha Bellandur – Call for Segregation at Source

   Kasa Muktha volunteers have reached out to nearly 6000 households in our ward and have helped them achieve 100% segregation at source. While the volunteers are working very hard to reach out to more communities and help them initiate their segregation processes, we request every community in our ward to join the Kasa Muktha movement. It’s been more than a year that segregation at source has been mandated by the High Court. With segregation, only 5-10% of our waste needs to go to the landfills. This is the only way that we can have a sustainable and liveable environment.

Rampant dumping near Prakriya school in Chikkanayakanahalli

Mixed Waste being burnt by BBMP workers

   However, the unfortunate truth is, many communities are still disposing mixed waste. Waste from these communities is ending up getting burnt in our neighbourhood, releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into our air and water. This is irresponsible behaviour towards our environment and our own health and is a punishable offence as per the High court mandate on compulsary segregation. We request all of you to join and volunteer for this initiative. Our team can help you implement 100% segregation process in your apartment. Find us on

– Lalitha Rani Mondreti

Green Bee-eaters

Green Bee Eater with its catch!

   Green Bee-eaters can often be seen sitting on electric wires. A common place to see them is the wires running beside the army ground on Haralur Road.They are also found around Devarabisanahalli lake, near Adarsh Palm Retreat on Outer Ring Road. One can see them sitting on the electric wires and making periodic flights to catch insects in the air. They have a very graceful flight and landing pattern.
   After the bee-eater catches an insect in flight, before swallowing it, the bee-eater removes stings and breaks the exoskeleton of the prey by repeatedly thrashing it on the perch.

– Girish S V

Upcoming Events

Neighborhood tree walk
By Ajit Ampalakkad

Date: April 26th, Saturday
Time: 8 to 9:30am
Venue: Kaikondrahalli lake main gate, Opp. Kusum Deluxe.
Free Event.
RSVP: 9886100706,
Note: Please bring your own cap and water bottle.

This walk is conducted as part of the Neighborhood Trees Campaign organized by India Biodiversity group to identify and map neighboring trees.

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