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June 20th 2014
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Kasa Muktha Bellandur on 97.5 FM

This week, Kasa Muktha Bellandur initiative got some air time on 97.5 FM. The RJ called the Environment Engineer of the ward to ask details about 2-bin-1-bag process and congratulated her on the success of the initiative. When the city is dealing with the Mandur crisis all over again, and the waste situation in the city does not seem any better than what it was two years ago, the success of the SWM experiment in our own ward brings some hope. Read more about the initiative here:
12 more apartment complexes have started waste segregation in our ward this month, HM symphony and Oceanus Monarda being the larger complexes which have joined. This adds another 600 units to the tally of nearly 7000+ households who are managing their waste responsibly in our ward.
Update Courtesy – Archana P. Kashyap

BIOME Water Solutions for Villa Del Mar

Villa Del Mar is a row house complex on Sarjapura Road with 30 individual homes. Tankers are the only source of water as the lone borewell has run dry.
The entire rainwater runoff from here used to flow onto Sarjapura Road. Now a cattle trap has been built near the entrance to lead all the water into 2 erstwhile soak pits/wells via overflow through 2 storage tanks. Some of the runoff is also directed into a recharge well and excess water from the well flows into the now dry borewell. Between these structures, there is capacity to store the entire runoff from this complex, amounting to more than 5 million litres of storage and recharge annually. This is a case of smart usage of existing infrastructure. Not a drop of rainwater now leaves the complex during a rainfall event! See the full article at

RWH Scheme for Villa Del Mar

Cattle trap being built at the main gate

Article Courtesy: Shubha Ramachandran, BIOME

Kaikondrahalli Lake – Couch-to-5k – Batch 1 Graduates!

In March of this year, nearly 15 women began a journey from couch to running 5k. This was a 9 week beginner runners’ program with 3 day a week running schedule. The program was mentored by local amateur running enthusiasts. Most of the students did not have any past running experience. Their goal was to get fitter by running. Nearly 10 women went through all the training sessions and finished by May end.
Many of them went on to complete the 10km run at the TCS 10k event last month. Some finished with flying colors at a local charity run. And some did not run any races but took the program slower and finished it as per their convenience. Today Harini can run continuously for half an hour. Sharoon has discovered the joy of wind in her face while rest of the world is sleeping. Vidhya is crossing dates in her calendar for the next runs and Rekha is ready to mentor a new batch of runners. This was the first edition of the program. Watch the facebook page of the lake for information on the next batch!

Disclaimer: No knees or ligaments were harmed in the transformation of these runners.

Upcoming Events

Guru Utsava 2014 By Ranjani Fine Arts.

Date: Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th, 2014
Venue: Sobha Lakeview Clubhouse, off ORR, Bellandur.

A celebration of Guru Poornima, with a series of performances by Carnatic and Hindustani classical music teachers in and around the Bellandur area. Entry is free – all are welcome, especially children.
For more information, check out:,

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BELLANDUR BUZZ… JUNE 20TH 2014 | Issue 12

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