It was a habba alright!

Kere Habba 2018 hit the right notes.

Pic credit: Mapsas FB page

On February 18th 2018, Kaikondrahalli Lake hosted a bunch of events for the 4th time with more than 4000 people from neighborhood participating in Kere Habba 2018 aimed at raising awareness, increasing community participation and fostering an appreciation of lakes in Bengaluru.

This year, the team pushed for a green way to come to the Habba. They encouraged visitors to ‘Cycle to Kere Habba’, avoid parking blues and cut the carbon footprint of the Habba further. The rental cycles were sponsored by Zoomcar’s Pedl initiative. While many residents cycled to the venue, many more chose to rent the bicycles at the venue to cycle around the 2km lake trail. Cycling Next Level (CNL) a group of cycling enthusiasts volunteered to coordinate the logistics.

Kishori, a visitor said this was one of the best events she had attended amongst all the Habbas. Many local resident artists painted the amphitheatre walls and the main gate security room of the lake in preparation for the event. The day started with a Zumba session. Events include story sessions, participatory wall art, bird walk guided by Madhusudan Shukla, photography sessions and more. Young and old were encouraged to keep aside their mobile phones and learn to play traditional games, weave, make flower rangolis, meet their neighbours and community volunteers. Author Roopa Pai engaged teens and challenged them to conquering the world. Younger kids were regaled by Vikram Sridhar, the story teller. Soulful music by local band Sufisticate ended the long day.

The Habba also witnessed stalls at the ‘Santhe’ as well as NGOs talking and sharing about their cause. Organic product owners and home run businesses promoted their services and goods. Neil, a young visitor said. “I liked all the stalls, the story telling and the Roopa Pai session!”.

Pic Credit – Prakash Hatti

Kere Habba is a green event and strives towards zero waste footprint. Water can refills with washable steel tumblers were used, visitors are requested to carry their own water bottles and shopping bags as well as waste being segregated at source.

The Gold Sponsor for the event was Artizen, D&M and the Silver Associate Sponsors include NEB Sports, E2Open, PLAY. We are also grateful to other sponsors including Zoomcar, Pedl, Anand Sweets, Shahi Export House, Prakat Solutions, American Smiles, GlenTree and SuperSeva.

Kaikondrahalli Lake rejuvenated in 2010. Receives a footfall of 500 visitors on a weekday and more than a 1000 on a weekend.
The most bio-diverse lake in Bangalore, with local variety of trees, reptiles, butterflies, amphibians and a safe haven for several residential birds and migratory birds. 50+ species of birds have been sighted here.
– Sighted by Niti Aayog as one of 2 model lakes in the country, for showing a successful model of lake restoration.
– A major attraction for runners and walkers.
– MAPSAS keeps alive the traditional uses of the lake such as allowing fodder for cattle, fishing and foraging.
– Has a strong involvement of local community.
– Hosts Kere Habba every January, a day long community event.

This lake in maintained by MAPSAS in partnership with BBMP and corporate sponsors

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