Bellandur Kere: a lake in 1989, now a cesspool

The following post was shared by Praveen Singh, a runner.

I decided on a whim one fine April morning in 1989 to visit Bellandur lake and I clicked a full Konica roll worth of pictures. I used to live in Indira Nagar and had visited the lake and surroundings for its beauty and also to watch aircraft land and takeoff from nearby runway. Here are some of the photographs.

Last week, I took some time off over the weekend to do a “Then and Now” series of photo captures from almost the same spots I had clicked from over 28 years ago.

The images speak for themselves.

Needless to say, I was dismayed and felt hopeless on seeing the present scenario. What remains of the lake is in a terrible state. The water is putrid, the stench, unbearable. The surrounding lands have become landfills and there was senseless construction activity.

Development and progress doesn’t mean the permanent destruction of fragile ecosystems. Whoever are the powers that be for this region – they don’t give a damn, are extremely shortsighted and I’m sure busy making a quick buck.

This lovely Raintree has stood the test of time. If only it could speak, we would be wiser. Pic: Praveen Singh
An idyllic lake then, now a weed filled cesspool. Pic: Praveen Singh
Pic: Praveen Singh
The lovely grasslands on the other side of the lake are gone forever. Now filled with debris from far off lands,over which towering buildings are rearing their head. Pic: Praveen Singh
Pic: Praveen Singh
Pic: Praveen Singh
Have no words to describe this sad transformation. Pic: Praveen Singh
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  1. I’m happy that multiple citizen groups are rising up to highlight the ‘boiling frog’ situation in Bangalore. Lakes are the lifeline of Bangalore, but a total mismanagement of real estate growth without the required planning on infrastructure, water and waste management has been a disaster. I hope such citizen initiatives sustain and quash every move against the city of lakes.

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