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Bellandur Buzz Issue # 30

Date: 26th February 2015.

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Anti Plastic Campaign

Sobha Jasmine recently implemented a successful anti-plastic campaign. On Jan 26th Jasmine’s Eco-Committee presented a children’s skit to expose the numerous hazards posed by plastic bags. Ward 174 Corporator Latha Murthy kicked off the campaign with a symbolic cutting of a plastic bag. The managing committee then approached local vendors and requested them to stop making deliveries in plastic bags. Security was told to keep a strict watch on vendors. There was a dramatic decrease in the number of plastic bags within the first week!

Residents adopted the eco-friendly way by carrying their own bags. They donated spare cotton and jute bags to the security kiosk for the benefit of residents who have forgotten to carry their own. Kids and adults participated in door-to-door awareness to spread the message. Motivated by the success of the campaign, the Eco-Committee helped organize an environmental club for the kids in the community, which met with an excellent response. Weekly awareness drives are now held in the community by the kids and innovative ways of messaging are explored. Kids educate adults with great enthusiasm! 

These efforts have seen great results. From over a thousand plastic bags entering the community every day, it is down to well below 100 (vendor-delivered) bags. The residents are hoping that in the coming weeks more residents will join this campaign. Sobha Jasmine residents hope that other Bellandur communities build their own anti-plastics campaign and make this a wider and more effective movement.

Article Courtesy: Sobha Jasmine Eco-committee

Spotfix – Soul Kere Entrance

Soul Kere Entrance – Can we fix it? Pic courtesy: Malini Parmar

This picture is taken at Soul Kere, a lake surrounded by Ecospace extension, Adarsh Palm Retreat and Wipro, less than 1 km from the beautiful Kaikondrahalli Lake. This lake is being revived by MAPSAS, Genpact and United Way and needs some love of the people living in its neighborhood. Mark your calendar for a “The Ugly Indian” style cleanup planned for this spot along with a “” segregation at source campaign at the lake’s neighborhood. Thus we plan to clean the blackspot and eliminate the root-cause of the blackspot. BBMP has confirmed its support. 

Date: Sunday, March 1st. 

Time: 9-11am.

Meeting place: Saul Kere entrance.

Directions: Follow the lane next to Adishwar/ Kanti Sweets from Sarjapur Road. Lake entrance is 300 m from the main road junction.

Contact: Name and contact # to Malini (9686523595) or Shilpi (9731311806)

We need atleast 40 volunteers. Do pass on the message in your community/ office. If you would also like to contribute effort on an ongoing basis, please sign on the sheet with the security guard. Please visit the Soul Kere facebook page for updates.

Saplings Maintenance at Kasavanahalli Lake

Summer is fast approaching and the saplings need us more than ever. Saytrees conducted a sapling maintenance drive at Kasavanahalli lake on 21st February. Pictures of this volunteer drive can be viewed here.

Kasavanahalli lake: Sapling Maintenance

Pics Courtesy: Sumant Parmar 

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This article was co-edited by Ritesh Chitalia.

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