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Bellandur Buzz

Issue # 26

Date: 1st January 2015.

This fortnightly newletter is published by the citizen group

 Sobha gets Cauvery water after 7 years

The Cauvery water is now flowing into the Sobha Apartments, after almost 7 years waiting. Christmas was truly special this year for residents of the Sobha Apartments after years of chasing the BWSSB and suffering at the hands of the unscrupulous water-tanker providers, a Cauvery connection has finally been established and it is hopeful that at least 40% of the daily water needs will be now met by this source. The connection comes at a hefty price of Rs. 20,000 per apartment. While the dependence on water tankers will come down, there is still some way to go before the apartments is completely free of it. 

The downside to the Cauvery connection was that the newly laid road from ORR to GGL was dug-up in several places as the BWSSB had not marked the location of the control valves in the underground pipelines when the road was being laid. So, now there are several badly patched-up spots that will lead to a quick deterioration of the surrounding areas.

Update courtesy – Subramanian Sankaran

Footpath encroachment in GGL

A new Tender Coconut vendor has set-up a stall on the footpath opposite to the Little Elly School in Green Glen Layout, completely blocking the footpath from public use. Children waiting for school bus, have to now stand on the road.

The BBMP officials came and warned the vendor to move, but it was of no use. The vendor has covered the entire footpath with tarpaulin. Residents hope that the vendor is relocated to another location soon by the BBMP officials.

Coconut Vendor encroaches on footpath

Update and pic courtesy – Vinod Colaso

 Bad condition of Haralur road

Haralur road is in a terrible state and riddled with potholes. Mr VP Jhingan, resident of Park Vista, Haralur road reports that there are heaps of sand, big/small stones, and garbage on both sides of the road which don’t leave any space for pedestrians to walk. Actually, the side road leading into Park Vista is the responsibility of the local Ward/zonal engineering division. One can reach out to Rame Gowda of Major Roads and Venkateshappa of Mahadevapura zone to get status of this road repair.

Kasavanahalli Road is also in a similar state of neglect as Haralur road. A team of residents from Kasavanahalli road have been following up with the concerned officials. AWE, Major roads, responsible for Sarjapur road, Haralur and Hosa road has been re-iterating that they are awaiting Govermennt Order (GO) to start the process and that only post GO the tendering process would start. Residents in these areas need to keep up the pressure on the AWE to see any progress in the roadworks.

Haralur road potholes

Haralur road potholes

Pic Coutesy: Mr VP Jhingan

Kere Habba 2015

Venue: Kaikondrahalli Lake

Date: January 10th 2015

Time: Sunrise to Sunset (6am onwards- All day)

Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) launches Lake Day series with Kere Habba 2015. The event is free for all. Adults and children welcome! Check Kaikondrhalli Facebook page for details related to events, parking restrictions and public shuttles!/pages/Kaikondrahalli-Lake/153192558180201

 Write to us:

Author’s note: This article is co-edited by Ritesh Chitalia.


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