Aftermath of the pujas

More than a month and a half have gone since the Ganesha festival, but the idols and trash at the Kalyani tank at Kaikondrahali Lake still make for a sorry sight. There are also the flowers and leaves which were collected in big trash bags.

The Kalyani at Kaikondrahalli on Oct 8th. Pic: Rajesh Dubey.

This is a negligence of duty from the garbage contractor. Lake monitoring committee members have been calling them continuously for weeks now. Each time, we are told that it will be cleared within a week.

And weeks come and weeks go, the stuff remains.

The Kalyani at Kaikondrahalli on Oct 25th. Pic: Shilpi Sahu

Mahadevapura zone Chief Engineer Munikrishna says they are still looking for a ‘suitable place’ to dump the Plaster of Paris idols. Obviously, they can’t just dump anywhere but it turned out the contractor who got the contract to remove Ganeshas doesn’t have the license to dump at Mandur. He apparently tried to dump it within some village limits, and villagers in those areas have protested.

Next year onwards, we hope POP Ganeshas are banned.

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  1. Pretty much the same near Mallathahalli Lake. Two sides of the Kalyani abut the path around the lake. Last year they left them next to the path on one side, which are still lying there. This year they covered the other side. Wonder what they’ll do next year.

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