Beware while taking a left!


Dangerous section of Harlur Road needs quick action.

Many of us who live on this road may have noticed this deep ditch by the side of Harlur Road; but it took Krishna Gurumurthy, from Coimbatore, who visits Bangalore regularly to take this seriously and send this note to Citizen Matters.

Harlur Road. Pic: Meera K

Gurumurthy writes:

When you go from Haralur road to Sarjapur road, just before turning to left, there is a very narrow section where vehicles pass. There, if vehicles drive too far to the left, they can fall off the road; if they are  heavy vehicles like buses and trucks, fatal accidents can take place.

My serious concern is for the school buses, at least 30 to 40 school buses travel everyday by that route. A deep left turn can cause serious accidents, the bus may fall into deep ditch present alongside the road.

Immediate action is required. At the least, 7 to 8 poles with four feet height must be put up with reflective paint, which might be useful as it can act like an indicator.


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