5 COCO Team Members Completed 200k in Bangalore Brevets

FORward150 initiated Cycling group about 6 months back to promote cycling in commuting and fun riding. It was named as FORward150_on_cycle. Our group was recently branded as COCO [Cycle On Cycle Onwards] to make it more generic and accommodate members from neighbouring areas in promoting cycling. We have internal target for each member to inspire/motivate atleast one person per month to take up cycling. Its going good in inspiring and motivating many. Group was started with just 2 members and now it has grown healthy with 59 members.

Some of the members are often going on long rides during weekends; usually to Chikka Tirupathi. Some of the long rides were Navadarshanam, Nandi Hills, Turahalli Forest and beyond, Big Banyan Tree and Krishnagiri Dam.

Team of 6 people participated in Bangalore Brevets 200kms
ride (http://www.bangalorebrevets.in/2011/june/sira-200/) on Sunday, 26-Jun-2011; first ever official ride for COCO members.
5 Members successfully completed Brevets with in 13.5hrs.

Members who
successfully completed and getting medals from Paris are:
1. Arvind Ganesh
2. Manoranjan Mahakud
3. Subashish
4. Thiru
5. Myself (Satheesh)

Ride was awesome and feel happy that we are ready for longer rides 🙂
Riders encountered headwinds with more than 20kmph, Sun’s wrath and Rain drenching fully for couple of hours. Find us in these
There was huge thumbs-up from people all along the way including some women on pillion. People slowing down their vehicles and enquiring where we were going, is it part of race, etc. Some people even offered Water and food to the Pedalers!!!

At the end point (CCD, Chikka Banuvara) some of the youngsters shown keen interest in seeing different bykes (read as cycles) and were willing to join the Bangalore Bykers Club. I am sure these kind of events will push people to take up cycling. I am already seeing many people started using cycle for their
office commute if not for long fun rides.

India, especially Bangalore secured slot in world cycling map with Samim Rizvi participating and completing RAAM [Race Across
a 3000 miles from US West Coast to East Coast in 12 days. Many in Bangalore Bykers Club (BBC) are excited and were closely watching the Samim’s feat. BBC planning for a big welcome to Samim at Airport. Now BBC is with 2800+ members.

It seems Central Government has some thing in their basket for Cyclists. Government has planned a Bicycle scheme in 10 cities across the country. Reference – http://news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5239703

I request all to start some physical exercises if not Cycling to maintain good health as we all know *Health is Wealth*. Advantage with Cycling is that it adds fun to the physical activity. Cycling makes you think and go slow in this fast-paced lives.

Interested people can join us at Cycleoncycleonwards@yahoogroups.com.

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