ORRCA plans traffic day on 9th June

To bring about more awareness about traffic rules and make Bangalore city more traffic friendly, Outer Ring Roads Association (ORRCA), an association of IT and ITES in the city companies is planning to observe 9th of every month as ‘Traffic Day’ beginning this June.  
ORRCA is urging citizens of Bangalore to enlist as volunteers and stand at major road junctions where they manage traffic, the ‘Munnabhai’ way.

What you can do as a volunteer
As a volunteer, if you find anyone violating traffic rules such as, criss-crossing on road, triple riding, using mobile phones while riding or driving, please stop him and give him a rose and request him not to do it next time. Help can be provided to get roses or they can be bought at down-to-earth prices at University of Agricultural Sciences, Hebbal.

Please do share how many people you found violating traffic norms and if possible their details too for a count.

You can also assign this to one of your team members or contract member too and send me the data by end of the day on June 9th.

Please provide a brief about the Traffic Training Institute (TTI) centre and request them to register for a visit and site tour of TTI, Ashok Nagar and send the data to me.

Meet the local police inspector and brief him about what you intend to do and where, and inform me of the same.

If you are a group or company, let me have the details of name, phone number and email id of the volunteers and the area where they will manage the traffic.

Please stress that we are not collecting penalties, but we are there to educate people to follow traffic rules and what are the benefits.

At the end of your day, email me the locations you held and how many did u speak to on what areas. If I get any double entries, I will request one of you to please align to the next junction.

This info was Viswanath Seetharam, General Secretary of ORRCA provided Citizen Matters info on what is being planned for the ‘T-Day’. Viswanath can be contacted at viswanath dot seetharam at gmail dot com


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  1. when Citizen Matters contacted Praveen Sood, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, asking for his thoughts on Traffic Day and this is what he had to say – “It is a civic society initiative and we welcome any effort by citizens to improve road user behaviour.We support all efforts irrespective of methods adopetd as long as it is in public interest.”

    Associate staff journalist

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