Khata transfer in a jiffy!

Our Forward150 federation is working on getting khatas for our properties. Each apartment or layout group, which have either the Panchayat Khata or Occupancy Certificate from BBMP/BDA, has formed a team and are applying for the khata together.
They have been assured support by their MLA Arvind Limbavali (Mahadevapura constituency) in their drive to get the papers without any bribes.
They start with one member visiting the Registrar office and applying for No encumberance certificate for all owners of their community apartment/layout. Another member visits the lawyer to get the documents notarised. Till date many groups have submitted the documents in batches.
Here is the story shared by Sachin Mulay of Redwood apartments.
Currently the mood everywhere is about corruption having pervaded every aspect of our lives. In this context getting a Khata transfer of your property done was always an uphill task. It required a series of bribes with regular follow ups with the officials to get your Khata transfer done.

Recently the residents of SJR Redwoods decided to go in a group to the BBMP Mahadevapura office for Khata transfer. We were welcomed by Keroji Rao, the Assistant Revenue Officer. He was very cordial, inspected all our documents and even helped us in filling the form. For a few of us, who did not have the right documentation, he advised us on the next steps and offered to coordinate in getting the documents cleared.

Further he asked us to come in a week’s time and collect our Khatas. He also gave us his phone numbers and asked us to contact him for any other requirements.

We went to the BBMP office the following week and all the khatas were ready. There was absolutely no need for follow up and the entire BBMP staff were eager to help and very cooperative.

The entire experience in with Keroji Rao was heartwarming and convinced us that there are still very committed and honest officers around. These officers need to congratulated and recognized as its their efforts that reinforces our confidence in our governing systems.

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